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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Getting the itch

Well almost done packing and putting furniture together. We got some bar stools and the person giving us the chairs, shorted us two chairs.  My wife told him the box said one chair but being the Nobel prize winner he was he insisted there was a chair. Maybe he was just illiterate or something, seems like New Mexico is getting bad about truly educating kids now a day. Reading comprehension can go a long way in a persons life. That's enough bitching :)

Now to the serious business of carving my sisters friend loved the cross and now wants to meet me. I think the cross has a lot of meaning to her since her mother has cancer and is not doing well.

 Jillsy my best friend has really inspired me to carve a Santa, she did a fantastic job carving her Santa I think its her best Santa yet. I'll probably carve a miniature Santa, mainly because I don't have my shop set up. I have also been carving a lot of found wood and a friend has given me a really strange root that has a huge knot in the middle of it. I'm thinking woodspirit, have a great Thanksgiving

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